Improve software engineering interview process…

How would you change the current standard software engineering interview process?

It is imperative that we bring about the much-needed change when it comes to the software engineering interview process. Currently, the focus is on the whiteboard interview where the hiring managers simply check the prowess of the candidates with regards to the theoretical concepts and their programming efficiency. Some of the candidates may pass the whiteboard interview with excellent results but when they are working on a real project, they may not be able to get things right. This is because using the real-time data and making the most of available resources to frame a befitting solution is way different than memorizing algorithms.

So, if as a company, you are looking to hire the best of talent that can make the most of available resources and churn you the best solution for the different projects at hand, follow the new process. So, the best way to mold the interview process is to give them the task they would be doing on their first day at work. This would also help the interviewer assess as to how the candidates would make smart use of the available resources to come up with the right solutions to the project.

The new interview approach

As a hiring manager, you could make use of code pair interview or even use the automatic first day of work test as is given by Devskiller. Both these approaches seem to be way better and efficient as compared to a whiteboard interview which doesn’t showcase as to how suitable the candidate would be at his actual work desk.

When it comes to the code pairing interview, the interviewer can also come up with questions which would assess the thinking process and the logic flow of the candidate. This would give a significant insight into what kind of approach the site is likely to use and how good a fit he/she is for the firm.

Similarly, when you use the automatic test, along with letting the candidate know what to expect from the job, it would also save the time of the technical staff.

We believe that these methods end up determining and assessing the actual capabilities of the candidate and when used systematically, it will help you hire the best candidate.

Hiring someone who knows all the concepts and logic but doesn’t excel in applying it in the project is not a smart move. Some people may not be thorough with the algorithm and the ins and outs of the theory but their sound experience and practical knowledge make them an excellent choice for the different software projects.

So, make sure to understand these differences and then make the right informed decision. Your hiring decision has a significant role to play as far as deciding the fate of your company is concerned. With the right talent pool, you may be able to chase the goals of success you had planned for yourself.

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