How To Lose A Stable Job And Ruin A Career For Not Doing Complete Research

How To Lose A Stable Job And Ruin A Career For Not Doing Complete Research About Who You Work With

You may have been building your career for years, probably with your certificate in school which may be one, two or more and then your working experience from different brands, firms, and companies. Irrespective of the fact that it is very good, one needs to be careful. Why? We’d get to that.

You put in a lot of stress, time and effort while you are building your career. This is because building a career needs time, it needs sacrifice and a lot of effort. In this way, you are on your way to being a professional in your field which is of course, great. Now, getting a good firm or getting a good person to work with is the icing on the cake because it makes everything so easy and helps in your career building. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there end up working in firms or with people that eventually ruin their careers and crashes them completely. Then, getting back up on their feet becomes difficult or takes a little while and when they eventually do that, they would have lost a lot. There are so many reasons that could lead to a career ruin. Here they are:

  • Yourself: Yes, you can be the reason why everything you have worked for and achieved over the years comes to a halt. This may happen either because you do not have good working behaviour. There are certain work ethics one needs to abide by that can make you progress and go far in your career. This includes discipline, cooperation, ability to work with others and so on. Many people are found wanting in some of these aspects and so they end up losing their jobs, thereby ruining careers. It is highly important and necessary that you maintain good work ethics as an employer working under someone in any firm. In this way, you will have a stable job and keep building your career, thereby paving your way to success.


  • Your Boss And The Company: You may possess good working skills and ethics but then your boss or the person you’re working for and with might be the problem. It is good that you make a good, complete and accurate research about who you are going to work with and for. In this way, you will have lesser problems. Yes, research has always been and will keep being the key to so many issues, not even work alone. You can get information from previous people the person has worked with and know what they think of him. If it is a firm, check their reviews online so you know the next step to take. I have been opportune to work for some good firms, such as Crescent Solutions. Also, I have completed contracts from some other firms. The thing here is that research is important.

One thing you need to know is that not everything that glitters is gold. This is exactly why you need to investigate further to know what’s underneath the cloak. You don’t want to caught unawares or taken advantage of. I’ll tell you a short story here.

Well, I’ve been a victim of circumstances while working with someone who I taught was for real. I guess it is because I didn’t make enough research about him, and it made me lose the prospects of having a stable job. I wouldn’t say it was greed, no, it was because the person had a job that I related with more. I got paid at the first instance though but a lot of people had been scammed by this same guy.

So here goes my story that begun in March earlier this year. I had finished a contract I was working on in Silicon Valley. I got a new contract from this same company which I declined but I took and accepted an offer from Crescent Solutions. No doubt, Crescent Solutions is a good recruiting and staff augmentation company with lots of transparency and prides themselves on putting their clients first.

Image result for andy powers clique

Well, I was promised a CTO role at a company named CommuniClique Inc. which is a communications technology firm and the founder of the company which is the guy I’m telling you of, Andy Powers seemed like a very nice and good guy who you’d absolutely want to work with. But like I said earlier, you need to look well to see what’s under the cloak. In fact, CommuniClique was starting a game program with the theme of “Let The Game Be Heard” which needed people to program gaming within 48 hours. To cut the long story short, I started getting complains from so many people that the ex CTO had not been paid and that CommuniClique was owing quite a debt. Also, the ex-assistant had not been paid, the same with the ex CSO and so many other complaints. It was disheartening and to be honest with you, I never expected that.

I finally did some research and I discovered that he rips off people and collects money from them, including investors and he doesn’t payback. What am I trying to say? I am trying to let you know that research is very paramount when it comes to building your career and working with someone. You never can underestimate the importance of concise and accurate research.

Well, the guy was arrested by the FBI and charged of a felony for a multi-million dollar fraud scheme, which is a crime punishable by law. He had gotten a lot of money from people and didn’t get to pay them back. You never could have told he was like that because CommuniClique is quite a good one.

Here are some interesting links:

The Conclusion

You can agree with me then that you absolutely need to research who you are working with, so you don’t end up like me and some other people. If you cannot do this research yourself, you can get someone to help you as there as so many people talented in that field.

You may land yourself a job that is very good and probably everything you’ve ever wished for. Then disaster strikes and before you discover it, you may have lost a lot. This is why humans in a working environment find it quite hard to trust because of their ordeals with others. It would not be bad to say the fault is ours in a way because assuming you got details from the root, you would have avoided certain situations that could cost you time and money. Also, you could have lost a stable job all because you worked with someone that doesn’t worth it.

Nevertheless, it is time to brace up and be at alert. Get your acts together, with eyes and ears wide open. This means that you should be careful about who you work with and for. In this way, you will avoid stories like mine and other people. Before you take that job and leave your previous one, make research on the person and company, be sure it is what you want.

In the meantime, have a great working experience!

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  1. Yes true. However, the difference is that, unfortunately, and employee (And I am not speaking about me) because thanks to the Lord I got screwed for only 8.000$, but there were other people which I know (Like a pregnant mom) in due term which was postponed by him and let without money (Unfortunately) not everybody is willing to work 2 jobs to have a backup. Even if you’re in an industry and you get a new job right away you still need to undergo the normal HR 1-2 weeks decision process + additional 10-20 days for background checks that must be complete until you actually go and earn the next paycheck! So, it’s good to at least inform people to beware!

    So, in short, my concern and my anger are because the other people which he screwed up with amounts more than 8-15k and much more. He is a pathological liar which knows how to play victim role (“A customer didn paid us, etc”)…
    I hope one day he’ll regret (if he is mentally aware of what he is doing).


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