About me

Hey!, It’s me…. Just another simple guy…


A Software Engineer with varied experience and interests who gets pleasure from non-mainstream programming paradigms (mostly purposeful but in addition some logic programming), and intends to roll domain-specific languages once programming tasks become repetitive.

Also, a funny person who love to bring positive energy whilst resolving complex problems with fascinating people.

Here’s what I am doing…

  • 1st: always coding… Interesting projects which usually have the end-goal of generating revenue.
  • 2nd: interested in neuroscience and trying to get myself there somehow, I’m not sure if I should do a master and some sort of magic to at least see a motor neuron on the microscope (Yes, my DAD passed away from ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease aka MND) and dunno how to contribute more than donate to fight this monster which has a 2:100.000 incidence.
  • 3rd: I do have a baby which is 2years old (will update this field constantly) but unfortunately I’m not that 9-5 guy and then home. Usually I am not at home still exploring the world and my family members are usually pissed because of this… but what can we do!? This is me
  • 4th: I’m hyperkinetic, some people may say that this is ADHD/OCD but I have a theory on how to put diagnosis and this is another discussion
  • 5th: I’m sometimes funny and I’m doing some jokes which may exceed the “politically correct” boundaries but I’ll accept the consequences
  • 6th: I’m always connected, have tablet, 2 phones and 2 laptops with me. 4g on the phone and also additional devices. (Everybody is pissed) but who wants to take me this way all good, who doesn’t … It happens
  • 7th: I’m so sensitive even tough I’m not showing this 🙂

Want to know more about my project? Check my linked in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihaienescu/?locale=en_US

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I hope you enjoy my blog and the mix of articles!