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Remote “Officer”

Gone are the times when you had to be at the office if you wanted to work. As science and technology continue to make rapid advancements, there has been a whopping rise in the popularity of remote officer in the software engineering field…

Twin Flame – The concept/definition!

TWIN FLAMES Twin flames, although a very controversial concept, has been in the core of discussions in recent times. Questions are being asked, researches are being made as to what twin flames are really all about. Well, the answer we seek is not far-fetched. Twin flames are one […]

Traditional and Modern Management

Traditional and Modern Management Name: Mihai Enescu Institution: Amerom Technology INC Date: May 2, 2016 The trends in the workplace at times are normally out of fashion. The relentless need to change has translated into a number of employees opting to put on jeans each day to work […]