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Improve software engineering interview process…

It is imperative that we bring about the much-needed change when it comes to the software engineering interview process.,,

Why Engineers are keen to be great every day!

Why programmers/software engineers are keen to become great every day Author: Mihai – Theodor Enescu Institution: Amerom Technology INC Date: 08/05/2016 Today’s reality is quick paced, captivating and innovative. It is loaded with imaginative individuals who are achieving new statures of progress with every passing day accordingly conveying […]

Engineers and CV(s) / Resumé(s)

Engineers and CVs Author: Mihai Enescu Institution: Amerom Technology INC Journal: Research – Open windows to professional people Date: 05/12/2016 There are around 1 in 10 university graduates who are out there looking for a career in engineering every year, as thus it is important that one becomes […]